The Jordan’s Guide to the Texas Triangle

Hey y’all! Texas is definitely an adventure. It is a state that has a mind of it’s own and yes everything is bigger. There are so many great cities in Texas and they are conveniently located in driving distance of one another. In fact, some of the biggest cities of Austin, Dallas, Houston, Waco, and…

The Jordan’s Guide to Austin Texas

Hey y’all! Texas has so many fun places to explore. Austin is a city filled with good food and good times. Here’s a round-up of some of our favorite food and things to do.

The Jordan’s Napa California Travel Guide

Hey guys! So we just got back from a family trip to San Francisco and Napa Valley. The trip was filled with good laughs, good food, and of course good wine. So we are giving you a round up of where to eat, where to drink, what to do, and what to read in northern…

Travel Guide 24 hours in SeattleĀ 

Hey y’all! Just got back from a quick trip to Washington catching up with old friends and seeing new places. Here’s a guide for what to do in Seattle Washington in 24 hours.

The Jordan’s New Orleans Travel Guide

  Hey y’all! If you haven’t noticed from social media we just took a trip to the wonderful city of New Orleans. I spent hours researching and talking to people who have been there and lived there before we went. So based on their expert advice, and our experience here is our bucket list of…