Off the Shoulder + Florals

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If you can’t tell, I am seriously obsessed with all things floral and off the shoulder. I found this cute dress at one of my favorite boutiques Dress Up! Here are all of the outfit deets and some tips for rocking off the shoulder dresses and tops. Also, check out the talented photographer, the lovely Elisabeth Rose. 

Tip #1

Have the right undergarments. There is nothing tackier than wearing a bra with straps with a strapless top or dress. So invest in a bandeau, or a nice strapless bra and you are off to a great start.

Tip #2

Pull it down to mid-shoulder. I have seen people walking around town with strapless dresses covering their shoulders. This is not how the style is intended to be worn, and it often ends up bunching up around your neck and shoulders when it is worn like this. Plus, it makes it much shorter on bottom than it was intended to be.

Tip #3

Pair tops with high waisted pants. Most off the shoulder tops are cut shorter than the average shirt, so when you pair it with a high waisted pant you avoid letting it all hang out.

Outfit details: Off the Shoulder Dress, Dress Up $38.99



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