Travel Guide 24 hours in Seattle 

IMG_3142Hey y’all! Just got back from a quick trip to Washington catching up with old friends and seeing new places. Here’s a guide for what to do in Seattle Washington in 24 hours.

Things to do

Space needle

This is a classic Seattle attraction and landmark. Be ready to fork over $41 per person to get some city views. If you have some time on your hands, a better option would be to buy the city pass and go to 5 Seattle attractions for $79.

Pike place market



This market is so beautiful and is a central location between most of the sites I am suggesting. There are gorgeous flowers and amazing artists, photographers, and jewelry makers. You have to stroll through and grab a bouquet of flowers.

First Starbucks 


There is literally a Starbucks on every corner in Seattle. The original one is just a block down from Pike place market. It is so tiny and so crammed, but it’s worth checking out.

Seattle Great Wheel 


This is just a short walk from Pike place market as well. Take a relaxing ride overlooking the harbor.

The Gum Wall 


This was so gross and so worth it. There is foot to ceiling gum on an entire ally way. Pop a bubble and add to the collection. It was just too fun to pass up.

Little Si hiking trail 

It’s not nicknamed the evergreen state for nothing. There are acres and acres of dense and beautiful forest. Take a couple hours of the day, go on a hike, and admire the general beauty.

Places to eat


Grab a coffee and pastry at the first Starbucks! You can check it out, plus get your breakfast all in one stop. Not in the mood for Starbucks? Get some Belgian Waffles at Sweet Iron.


If you’re walking around Pike Place take a stroll over to Miner’s Landing Food Court, which is right next to the Ferris Wheel. They have different booths that serve clam chowder, fish and chips, and pizza. The best part of this is the views on the observation deck where you can eat your meal.


Be adventurous and try some Asian cuisine and one of the top rated restaurants in the International district. Here are a few options: Tsukushinbo, Mike’s Noodle House, or Tamarind Tree.

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