How to wear the embroidery trend


Embroidered tops and dresses are everywhere right now. Intricate florals and patterns are being sewn into clothes, adding extra femininity and interest. Today, we are going to go through the do’s and don’ts of how to wear the embroidery trend.







First, it is easy for this trend to quickly look like a fashion train wreck if you pair the top with busy bottoms or accessories. Since you already have so much pattern up top, think less is more with the rest of the outfit. Opt for a solid bottom and simple accessories.

Do: Wear simple jewelry and bottoms.

Don’t: Have a purse, pants, or skirt with a lot of pattern.

Second, there are many different ways to execute this trend. Embroidery is being added to pants, shirts, dresses, and accessories. Whichever piece of clothing you choose, make sure it is an area that you want highlighted since the intricate design is sure to draw attention to that body part. So if you are self-conscious of your legs, maybe don’t opt for pants.

Do: Wear embroidered pieces that highlight your flattering areas.

Don’t: Draw attention to your problem areas.

Third, one of the most popular expressions of this trend is denim embroidery. Embroidered denim can end up looking really cute, or really childish. To avoid looking like a little girl, opt for pieces that are slightly distressed.

Do: Try a distressed jean jacket.

Don’t: Opt for a childish design.

Outfit details: Top, Zara $39.90 Jeans, Old Navy, $34.50 Necklace, Kendra Scott, $90.00


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  1. I love this look, it’s so fun and stylish!
Let’s follow each other darling.
Love from


    1. stylishlyjordan says:

      Thank you so much! Your blog is SO CUTE too. Following you now

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    1. stylishlyjordan says:

      Thanks Sophie!

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  2. love your top. The look is really pretty.

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    1. Awe thank you so much! I love Zara it’s my favorite.

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